cakeWelcome! My name is Catherine Samaritoni. I am married to my best friend and the love of my life, Matthew. We have two marvelous children, Bently and Loralei. I can sum up the depth of our love for these children with one quote, “Every atom of your flesh is as dear to me as my own”- Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre (Knickerbocker Classics). Which is exactly why we intend to give them a better childhood through peaceful-parenting.


It wasn’t always like that. Our whole family dynamic started out precarious and unpredictable. We were struggling to gain control of our children, while constantly coming up short. It was taxing and inefficacious. If people were meant to be controlled, the process wouldn’t require physical force.

This is the book I was reading when I decided to become a peaceful-parent. Click to get it for $7.60!

I was angry at myself  for not having the right tools to properly parent my babies. I decided to do the thing you have to do if you need training that you haven’t had, research. I wanted to know, indefinitely, if the

battle I was facing everyday was just part of life like I was taught. As it turns out, my gut instinct was right. Parenting is about creativity, information, adoration, and excitement. My husband and I went from being part of the problem to problem solvers. It didn’t happen overnight and we still have a lot to learn.

Now, you know me and I know you. You are a Mother, a Father, a Wife, or a Husband, and you are HUNGRY for a better way to raise children. You are intellectually driven, empathetic towards others, and understand the way your parents did it was wrong. Our previous generation had mainly one way of parenting, corporal punishment. Our current generation seems to only have two: corporal punishment (which violates the non-aggression principle) and what I like to call “hands off parenting” (which lacks necessary rules within the family). When I first started parenting I used a little bit of both. It was chaotic, it was dysfunctional, and it was far from easy.

By searching for an alternative method of parenting you are halfway there. I am here to provide you with the other half of the equation; implementing peaceful parenting which will change your entire family dynamic, and your life! No one ever told me that this thing called parenting would be easy. Don’t worry, the knowledge you will gain through this blog will have people, someday, saying “parenting is a peace of cake, sometimes”.