How To Make an Owl Bird Feeder

IMG_9522So this post is going to be a little bit different. I have done “how to” posts in the past but this one is going to be a how to, craft edition. I got a lot of love on IG and I wanted to share how we did it. I posted the instructions on Facebook but I thought “a couple of more posts and people will not have the patience to scroll through old feeds to find the instructions.” So I figured, it would be most productive to just make it an official blog post that could be searched for on my blog or Google or Pinterest.

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I’ll also add that I love doing projects with my kids. I think getting hands on with them is a great way to provide them with the quality time they need without being bored out of your mind, as the parent, playing the same things over and over again. Like, I love to play cars with my son more because it’s not the only activity we do together. When it is the only activity we do, I start to dislike playing cars. Not because I am a horrible, uninterested, parent but because I am an adult who does not share the same love of Hot Wheel’s cars as my 6 year old.

This was a family project that had everyone excitedly involved. My children love to paint, craft, experiment, basically anything hands on. This was not originally my idea. I saw a picture on Pinterest, however it did not link anywhere for instructions. Usually, I would have just given a link to the site that gave me instructions on Facebook, but after doing this on our own, without any instructions, I’m glad the picture didn’t have a link. I think ours turned out so much better. I personally think we used a bit more creativity.

Basically, if you have kids you need to do this project! It’s so easy, inexpensive and best of all fun! If you craft you probably have most of this in the house, if not it’s nothing a trip to the closest store won’t cheaply fix.

Here is what you will need:

Pack of buttons only $10! Buttons help to make all kinds of simple projects!!

A) Empty Milk/Juice Carton

B) Paint (acrylic/wood/ceramic/etc paint, or spray paint)

C) Googly Eyes

D) Buttons (or something similar)

E) Card Stock (or construction paper)

F) X-Acto knife (or scissors but a knife would work better)

G) Glue

H) Bird Seed

I) A Hook (or some other creative way to hang your finished bird feeder)

Acrylic Paint on sale for $17.99

What to do:

1) Get a milk or juice carton. Make sure you clean out the carton with soap and water and let the inside dry out completely.

2) Paint the container any way you like! Be creative! We used spray paint we had on hand. We tried Crayola paint but it didn’t cover the carton label. Matt and I did have to do most of the spray painting. The kids watched and told us what pattern. Like I said, we tried a less toxic paint that would have been easier for our kids but we were not successful, so we had to go with what we had on hand. I am thinking a paint that is for wood and ceramic probably would have worked fine but we didn’t have any at the time. Obviously, let the paint dry.


3) While your painted carton is drying, choose a shape for the belly. This is going to be the main entrance for the birds to access their feed. It can be any shape you want. As you can see we chose a heart (our daughters choice). Make a stencil out of regular copy paper, or you can use card stock, and then trace it onto the carton. Then, use an X-Acto knife and cut around the marked area. You will want to cut the shape completely out so there is a clear opening for the birds to get their food.

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4) Next make a stencil for the wings. Here is another area where you can really get creative with it. Make the wings any shape you want. We choose to do a kind of tear dropped wing. Matt cut two slits at the bottom of the wing to give it a little extra texture. Like I said, get creative with it! Again, trace the stencil onto the carton and then using an exact O knife, cut the marked area. You will want to leave the tops of the wings attached to the carton to act as a hinge. So they stay connected and appear to be flapping.

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5) After you have made your cuts, glue the googly eyes on to the buttons. Then glue the buttons with the googly eyes onto the carton. If you want to stick to the recycled items, you can use extra bottle caps or some other recycled item, instead of buttons. We didn’t have any, so we used buttons that we had on hand. (We do a lot of crafts lol).

6) Then you need to make the beak. Cut out a diamond shape from card stock, or construction paper. Fold the diamond in half to make a triangle, and then glue it on. You could also just glue on a triangle but Loralei wanted the beak to open. #creative

7) Poke a hole the size of your hook centered on the top of the carton. We used a small hook with a slightly long arm to create more stability. Then use your hook to hang your bird feeder in your back yard, or on the balcony (we live in an apartment).

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8) Fill the bottom of the carton with bird seed particular to the birds you see in your area (it will say on the package which birds each feed attracts).  Let the birds enjoy!

These hands on projects help to create a bond with your children. You get to share in the wonder of creativity and creation. You are providing them with teamwork skills. You are getting to exchange knowledge and ideas.  You get to share in the admiration of the finished product. This was one of the most exciting projects that we have done. Our children loved it and both my husband and I had a blast helping. Have fun! Don’t forget to share this if you loved the idea!!!

September 1, 2016
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