Six Classic Book Recommendations From Your Favorite Peaceful Parent

I LOVE to read. I have four books on my nightstand that I am currently reading. I have a bookshelf full of books that I still need to get to and I just added three books to that pile last night (it would have been more but I couldn’t find several of them in the book store). Last week I did a post called I Could Be Writing where I discussed being present and how that can become difficult if we are always wanting to get to something else, writing being my main thing. Well, reading is the second thing that I never have enough time for. If I read as much as I wanted, well, I would be abandoning literally everything else in my life. But the lack of time I get to do this thing I so enjoy should not diminish the pleasure I take in it, in fact, it should heighten it. It becomes like chocolate, I can only have a very tiny amount everyday so I better savor every moment.

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Why am I doing my favorite classics? Because they’re just better. Today the new wave liberal ideology has consumed many of the publishing companies. I am not saying there aren’t any good new books. I just don’t have the time to sniff out the books with stories that will actually make you think like the ones below, from the ones that are just there to confirm the narrative you’ve heard from the mainstream media for years. To put it bluntly, the new stuff is predictable and boring. So I had to go back.

I have mentioned my love for books before, so I figured you might want some book recommendations from me:

1) The Fountainhead – Ayn Rand 

Me adoring my brother. Ignore my bowl haircut.

This was the first Rand book I ever read. It was a gift from my older brother who I have adored since I was a small child. So, when he recommends a book, I read it. Usually the books my brother recommends are as good as he says they are: this book was better. This book combines all of the best things: romance, free market ideas, passion, virtue, villains, and political parallels that are just as current now as they were in the 1940’s when this book was written, and a story that will make you want to live your life with more integrity than you thought possible. If you want to believe in yourself then you need to read this book.

2) This Perfect Day – Ira Levin 

Think George Orwell’s 1984 but with more edge. This  is not a book that you need to read 40 pages before it gets good; this story will consume your mind from page one. The vivid images that the author paints for you in this book will be so real that when you think of this story at a later time you might wonder if it was a book or a movie. If you want a quick but phenomenal read, this is it. At only 320 pages, I promise you, you’ll wish it was longer.

3) A Farewell to Arms – Ernest Hemingway 

Everyone always posts quotes of Hemingway and after reading this book I know why. He writes poetry in novel form, which allows his words to seep into your soul. I am an admitted hopeless romantic who believes poetry and romance belong together. This magnificent piece was written in the late 1920’s, set during a time of war in France, and, of course, there’s a girl. Those of you that are like me can probably already feel the romance igniting in their hearts.

4) Atlas Shrugged – Ayn Rand 

Yeah, Ayn Rand made the list twice. This book can be daunting at 1,168 pages but Dagny Taggart’s spirit during her many tribulations from her own brother and the corrupt government will help keep your interest throughout the entire book. You want a book with a genuine heroine, here you go. While Dagny has your heart John Galt will be busy invading your mind and capturing your soul as he battles unfair government regulations, saving the business he built from the ground up, and following his heart for the first time in his life. You want a book with a hero, here you go. This story has both.

5) Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte 

If you are a hopeless romantic, then you have to read this book. This book was written in 1847 and yet the author was able to portray the surroundings in a way that is easily understood today. If you don’t fall madly in love with Mr. Rochester, then you are made of stone. If you can’t relate to the many emotions exquisitely expressed by Miss Eyre, then you are a robot. This book will rip your heart out but it will continue to beat with the love that you have for Jane and the love she finds for herself.

6) The Stranger – Albert Camus 

This is actually a book recommended by my wonderful husband. I have yet to read the book but after reading his recommendation I am dying to get to it. These are his words regarding the book:

Camus has a simplistic yet vivid way of writing. He gives you what you need to begin down the philosophical rabbit hole and this fantastic book is filled with philosophical value. This book is about a man condemned for murder but the way he handles the conviction is what truly makes your gears turn. There is more than one way to look at this book with multiple perspectives hidden within for your discovery. Spirituality, individuality, social dissidence, love, injustice, restraint, absurdity, and much more is found woven throughout this book. A book you can read again and again to see what other hidden gems you can unearth.

So what does this have to do with parenting? Pretty much nothing besides the fact that it will help you keep your sanity. ♥ You’re welcome. 

March 3, 2017
March 13, 2017

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